Dr. Eric Bergreen has created a safe, secure and private space for patients to visit, talk about and figure out their thoughts and concerns. From daily life issues to enhancing psychological performance, even just a confidence boost, he is a trusted advisor and an experienced practitioner who really cares about his clients.

Dr. Bergreen uses theories and techniques from Cognitive Behavioral Psychology, Positive Psychology, and Performance Psychology to help individuals reach their therapeutic goals. He believes it’s important to keep focused on what you want in life (positive) rather than what you don’t want (negative). The result is improved confidence and new ways of thinking that lead to an improved quality of life.

“We all have challenges in life, whether it be managing our moods, dealing with stress and anxiety, or improving our relationships. The trick is understanding how our thinking is holding us back from being our best version of ourselves. Thinking Differently = Doing Differently.”

Dr. Bergreen’s work with private clients, inpatient care, professional athletes, and military soldiers has taught him how important a collaborative, supportive working relationship is to the therapeutic process. With a jovial personality and an analytic focus, his sessions are a great space to relax, get a plan and act on ways to improve your life. A winning combination is trust, motivation, and the willingness to try.

Dr. Bergreen specializes in sport/performance consulting for athletes, students, and business professionals. He works with children (ages 14 and older), adults, and couples.