Making Your First Appointment

When you call you will talk to a receptionist at Willamette Valley Family Center, LLC.

You may request a particular therapist or in consultation with the receptionist the 1st available appointment will be offered to you. You will be asked your name, address and telephone number and a general statement regarding your concerns.

Appointments can be scheduled Monday through Friday (8:00AM – 8:30PM).

There is an answering service available when the office is closed and for emergencies.

New Client Forms

All forms come in Adobe PDF Format. For best result, right-click the link (or click and hold for Macintosh), select “save target as” and save the document to your desktop for viewing and printing.

(If you prefer your therapist will be happy to discuss these forms with you at your first appointment.)


Privacy is protected by Federal and State confidentiality laws. We strive to be HIPAA compliant.

Minor Rights and Confidentiality

Oregon law does not give minors (someone under age 18) a “right” to confidentiality or parents a “right” to access their child’s records. However, most people, minors included, expect some level of confidentiality when receiving mental health services.

Access to Treatment for minors:

A minor who is 14 years or older may access outpatient mental health services independently and without their parent’s consent. However, the provider is expected to involve parents at some point in the minor’s treatment, unless:

  • the parent chooses not to be involved
  • there are clear indications that a parents involvement is not in the minor’s best interest
  • the parent has abused the minor
  • the minor is emancipated and/or has been separated from the parent for at least 90 days

Involvement does not necessarily mean that adults have access to a minor’s mental health records.

Mandatory Reporting:

There are times when a provider may report confidential information. These include:

  • Suspicion of abuse or neglect of a minor, elder, person with a disability or an animal
  • If a person (or minor) is a health or safety risk to themselves or someone else.

For further questions regarding privacy, please ask a professional staff member or go to Confidentiality Information Form

Professional Rates & Payment

Professional Rates

Professional rates are based on prevailing standards in the community, and most services may be covered in whole or in part by medical insurance. Willamette Valley Family Center, LLC participates in many insurance plans, health maintenance organizations (HMO’s) provider panels and employee assistance plans (EAP’s). Please check with your insurance company to learn if the therapist you plan to visit is on their provider panel.

When you arrange your first visit, information about your insurance coverage will be requested.

Before your first appointment please verify your behavioral health benefit coverage through your insurance company, as some companies require preauthorization. The following questions might also be helpful in determining your behavioral health benefit:

1. Do I have behavioral health benefits?
2. What are my behavioral health benefits?
3. What is my co-payment / co-insurance?
4. Do visits require a pre-authorization?
5. What is my deductible and has it been met?
6. Does the deductible apply to both medical and behavioral health services?
7. Is this a calendar year deductible or does it start over at a different time in the year?
8 What is the coverage amount per therapy session?


For your convenience, we have an administrative staff to help you with your payment and insurance related needs. Cash, checks and most major credit cards are accepted for payment. Uninsured persons are encouraged to ask about alternative financial arrangements.